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Candle Packages

We offer three packages for different sized weddings.  Each package is based around a 1/4lb Travel Candle to give to guests and includes 1lb Mason Jar Candles to either set the mood on the wedding night or give as gifts to parents, the wedding party, or other people that helped with your special day.   If you are looking for something different, feel free to reach out to us below.

The Destination Wedding

For those who’ve convinced their friends to travel to another hemisphere for a wedding, we offer The Destination Wedding Package. Included are 48 candles in the fragrance of you choice plus a 1lb Candle to set the mood, not that you need any help.

The Friends and Family

For those getting married in a more intimate setting, The Friends and Family is for you. With this package you get 100 1/4lb travel candles plus six 1lb Mason Jar Candles as gifts for your wedding party.

The Whole Production

With the Whole Whole Production you get 200 1/4lb Travel Candles as gifts for your guests as well as a dozen 1lb Mason Jar Candles to gift to the wedding party, the parents, or to set the mood.

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