Good Candle

Do Good, Get Lit, Keep Cozy

Introducing the most luxurious quarterly subscription box that’s ever been made.

Subscription Stash
84.00 every 3 months

Subscribe to that Cozy Life.

Every season get a box of cozy with four 1lb Good Candles delivered straight to your door with free shipping. That’s 240 hours of burn time or 2 hours of chill each day!

Choose your fragrances each season or “surprise me” and receive seasonal fragrances and special editions. Or a mix of both.

You can update your fragrances seasonally by responding to an email we send a week before we ship your next box.

Welcome to Chillville.

Subscription Amber Half Stash
72.00 every 3 months
Subscription Half Stash
72.00 every 3 months

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