Good Candle

Do Good, Get Lit, Keep Cozy

Good is Better

People have asked me for years.  "What's so good about them?"  Well until now our answer has always been, "We are striving to make a candle with good materials, collaborating with friends, and getting out on the delivery bike to burn calories and keep some oil in the ground."  

Scratch and Dent Sale

Every once in a while we open our doors and sell on a donation basis all the candles we've made throughout the year that aren't up to par.  They may be test fragrances, new jars, or just candles that we didn't pour perfectly.  We donate all the proceed of these sales to a non-profit.  Stay tuned.

December 2016, Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue

December 2017, Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue

Good is Better Editions

Each month a portion of the profits on specified Editions will go to a non-profit that we believe in.  We also partner with non-profits to create custom candles to support their fundraising.

May 2018, I Heart Mom Edition, Every Mother Counts



So if you're a non-profit, let us know below, and we'd be happy to talk about collaborating.  Everyone else, let us know your favorite non-profits and causes you believe in and look for the products marked with "Good is Better" to spread some good around.

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