Good Candle

Do Good, Get Lit, Keep Cozy


  • Good for that mid-afternoon jolt when you just can't seem to peel your head up off the desk.
  • Fragrance notes: nutty, sweet coffee. Smells like that first energizing whiff as you walk into your favorite coffee shop


  • Sometimes you just have to get out of the city and build a raging fire.  This will take you there in the meantime.
  • Fragrance notes: It smells just like camping.


  • The best of both worlds. The rugged outdoors washed up and brought inside.
  • Fragrance notes: earthy top, vanilla and a strong woody base. A real mellow woodsy scent to bring indoors.


  • Pair this with a nice glass of Lambrusco, a Prosciutto or a fragrant Gorgonzola or Fontina
  • Fragrance notes: earthy, clean, warm, mildly sweet. 


  • Take a hike into an Adirondack High Peaks pine forest.
  • Fragrance notes: Top Notes: Citrus, Earthy Base Notes, Middle Notes: Balsam 


  • Lavender is known for its soothing qualities so draw a hot bath, light up a Lavender and relax.
  • Fragrance notes: lavender, mild citrus. Infused with natural lavender essential oil. A bright take on the classic lavender scent we all know and love.

Lemon Poppy

  • We created this scent after weeks and weeks of eating a popular Brooklyn donuts shop’s creation at the Brooklyn Flea. 
  • Fragrance notes: citrus top: lemon, grapefruit, lime. Sweet floral middle: geranium rose, lemongrass. Base mild and sweet. Infused with lemon essential oil.


  • Take a nap in a grassy summer meadow.  This fragrance is based on the Vetiver essential oil, a tropical grass with earthy and dank notes.
  • Fragrance notes: Bergamot and Lemon top notes, Cedarwood middle notes, and a Musk and Amber base


  • Your significant other will appreciate the gesture, and it’ll last longer than that cheap bouquet from the corner bodega.
  • Fragrance notes: a well balanced, rosy floral. 


  • Chill in the shack and get cozy AF with this slightly sweet, woody fragrance.  A Good Candle staff favorite
  • Fragrance notes: Musky base, Earthy Middle, and Woody Top Notes


  • We love heading out to the mountains to get some fresh air and take a walk through the pines.
  • Fragrance note: Evergreen, Balsam


  • Evoking dark libraries stocked full with leather-bound volumes and aged liquors. 
  • Fragrance Note: top: leather, tobacco, amber and musk. Spicy middle notes on a base of cedar and teakwood.

Tomato Vine

  • It will be late June each time you light up our tomato vine candle. Those delicious tomato plants we wait for all year long will be yours at the ready. 
  • Fragrance notes: citrus, green herb, fresh, true green tomato vine accord. 


  • Experience the freshness of an old fashioned country line dry with an herbal, citrus clean.
  • Fragrance notes: citrus top, floral middle and a gorgeous woody amber base note. Smells like freshly line-dried laundry in the Summertime. 


  • It's like taking a shot and a beer at The Levee in Williamsburg, Brooklyn
  • Fragrance note: top: Whiskey, middle: oak, base: sandalwood