Good Candle

Hey PPL, We are doing something different over here. Starting May 2nd, we are dropping one new candle each Wednesday. We are only producing a limited quantity, so once they are sold out, they are gone. So be sure to sign up for our newsletter to get the Edition Drops right in your inbox. THX!

The Studio

Good Candles are made from American grown soy wax with high quality fragrance and essential oils.  They are hand poured in our studio in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, NY.  We believe candles should be simple and hand made.  We carefully pour each candle, inspect them, and stamp each tag.  We’re always burning them in our home so we know our quality is top notch.


Our soy wax is American grown and has a rich, milky color.  Soy wax burns cleanly and throws our fragrances really well into your home.  For the best effect burn the wax to a pool of 1/4in deep.



Our wicks are braided cotton for a clean, non-toxic, edge to edge burn. For the best burn trim the wick occasionally to ¼ in.  Remember to light with care.


Our fragrances are made from high quality essential and fragrance oils.  We find inspiration for our fragrances from our day to day life around Brooklyn.


You can find our candles in retailers from coast to coast.  If you’re ever in Brooklyn you may see us riding our delivery bike up and down Bedford Ave.  Say hello! And remember #goodisbetter and #keepcozy.